The Foodies & Farmers Markets

Stallholder Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

These terms and a validly signed order form are together referred to and form this agreement. By signing the order form either physically or electronically, you are also acknowledging that you have read, understood and are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. All stall holders must have public liability insurance of $10 million and all product liability insurance where necessary. All stallholders must be registered with relevant government authorities. Contact Kristina Chakos, 343 782 or Nic Spanos, 0425 464 406 if you require more details.


Bump in

Bump in two hours before start of markets unless otherwise advised. Stalls must be set up and ready 60 minutes prior to opening the doors. One of the team will assist you when you arrive at the site and direct you to where you are allocated. Contact Christina Chakos, 343 782 or Nic Spanos, 0425 464 406 for site-specific loading and parking requirements


Bump out

All stalls must cease trading and packed up by the designated time unless otherwise advised. Your stall site and adjacent areas must be left in a clean and tidy state, with no rubbish left behind.



If you are approved to trade at the Farmers & Market you will need to provide details/copies of the following:

  • Public and Product Liability Certificate
  • NSW Food Authority
  • NSW Food Authority Notification Number:
  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate Note: this certificate is not required by all food handlers, please check website:



Stallholders at all times must comply with the laws, regulations and requirements of Local, State and Federal Government, including the consumer of fair trading sales of goods public health and environmental laws and regulations.

All food food and beverage stalls attending Carss Park or Peakhurst must apply for council health permit (please note non-food stalls do not need to register). See 


Waste management

The skip bins provided by FFM are there for customers. All stalls must take their waste with them on departure.


Damage to venue by stallholder

All stallholders selling food must adhere to the rules of the Food Safety Regulations NSW. if there is damage or oil spillage, you will charged a fee according to the damage.



  • Stalls should be supervised for the duration of your booking time, although someone will be on site if you need to pop away. Please advise before doing so.
  • Stallholders will be assigned an area approximately 3m x 3m in size. Larger 6 x 3m sites can be requested for mobile stalls.
  • There is limited storage on site and priority access to backroom storage, if available, will be given to stall holders attending on consecutive days.
  • All additional equipment including tables, tablecloths, chairs and display materials are to be provided by the stallholder. We will make a number of tables and racks available for hire but please let us know well in advance if you have need for those.
  • All items must be stable and firmly secured, set up and maintained in a safe and secure manner.
  • Electricity points are limited but a location with a power point can be requested specifically in advance. We cannot guarantee supply will match demand. Equipment and leads need to be tagged on regular basis by an electrician ie, every six months.There is no guarantee of the availability of electricity or continuation of supply. Where it is approved & provided a charge of $10.00 for 10amp or $15.00 for 15amp.
  • Vendors will be responsible for their own sales / credit card transactions. It is the responsibility of stallholders to ensure that their products conform to all relevant product safety regulations and guidelines.
  • It is the responsibility of each stallholder to promptly report to a member of the FFM team on site any and all incidents, including:
    • Property damage.
    • Illness, accident or injury.
    • Anti-social behaviour.
    • Lost children
    • Hazards and potential hazards.
    • Any other issues raising concern for the health, safety or security of stallholders or the public.
  • FFM (including staff, volunteers and contractors) will not be liable for the theft, damage or loss of cash, personal effects, merchandise, display, furniture or any other goods.
  • It is the stallholder’s responsibility to dispose of or remove any rubbish and ensure that the stall area is kept clean and tidy. Large boxes and packaging are not to be disposed of on-site. Stallholders are responsible for providing their own bins and removing these items.
  • Choice of stalls and location on site will be at the discretion of FFM and their decision will be final.
  • You must have the appropriate foods vendor licence with you on site. Only disposable eating or drinking utensils can be used. All food containers shall be within the stalls, covered or in enclosed containers, and stored 750 millimetres above the ground where possibe. All prepared food shall be prepared and stored behind a barrier. All condiments (sauces etc) shall be contained in squeeze type dispenser or enclosed packs. All drinks must be dispensed from a lidded receptacle having a top or spout. If preparing or handling samples for customers gloves must be worn.
  • All stores retailing food must be registered with the NSW Food Authority ( and have their notification number with them.
  • Organic produce should display proof of certification.
  • Stall holders must adhere to all Federal and Local Government regulatory obligations. This is each stall holder’s responsibility.
  • Stallholders must not have more than 1 litre of any flammable liquid, which must be kept in an approved container. (1) Cylinder LP gas 9 kg. This must be in accordance with (AS1596-1989). Approved fire extinguisher must be carried and ground sheets employed. Any damage to surfaces must be repaired at the cost of the stallholder. Stalls must be equipped with a fire blanket & fire extinguisher suitable for any of their own fire riskss
  • Marquee must be secured and weighed down with sandbags or water containers adequately secured against wind and for wet weather. Umbrellas where possible must not be used unless sturdy and weighed down.
  • Assembly and disassembly of handling equipment must comply with workplace health and safety regulations. Stallholders must exercise extreme caution when driving on site, hazard lights must be on, and vehicles parked off site half an hour before commencing time. 5 Km p/h limit.
  • Under no circumstances will stallholders pack up before closure, unless specified by manager.
  • Stallholders have the responsibility to advise market Mmanagers of any non attendance 48hrs prior.
  • On every market day, the management has the right to uphold any items in breach of market guidelines, and ask for them to be withdrawn from sale. Non-compliant stalls will be requested to leave the market. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines will result in exclusion as a market stall holder.
  • Stallholders are expected to have a positive and friendly attitude to other stallholders, the management and public. The aim is to hold a market to which the public would continue to support. Stallholders should have high moral and ethical standards. They should be caring towards each other and the public.
  • Access to the market can be refused (or a stallholder who is at the market may be asked to leave the market) by the market manager at any time when they owe monies to the market manager or any breach of these terms and conditions.



Fees are non–refundable but we understand emergencies do happen, so where possible we will endeavour to move your booking to another date. No guarantees can be offered. Refunds may be issued if the event is cancelled by the organiser or in exceptional circumstances.


Signage, branding and promotion

Please provide signage for your stall, bring lots of promotional material and business cards. A database building sheet is always a good idea.


Legal obligations

The stallholder acknowledges that whilst FFM will use all reasonable endeavours to promote the marketplace eg, news media, social media, promotional material, the actual number of visitors to the marketplaces and sales made per stall holder is outside FFM’s control.

Location has been chosen due to its high footfall, but again retail comes with no guarantees despite all the efforts we small business owners/retailers put in. It is everyone’s responsibility to share in the marketing of this concept. Please tap into your networks and socials’ following and share with your audience. Your inclusion is made on the understanding that you will promote the marketplace across your social/business channels. Also support one another.

Each party acknowledges, to the fullest extent allowable by law, that in entering into this agreement it has not relied on any statement, representation, assurance or warranty other than as expressly set out in this agreement

The stallholder agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless FFM, and their respective agents, partners, officers, directors and employees from and against any loss, cost, claim, injury or damage (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) resulting from claims or actions arising out of or in connection with this agreement.

The stallholder must provide Krisari Farmers Markets with copies of certificates of currency of its insurance policies before Krisari Farmers Markets will allocate a stall. Insurances to cover public and all products to the value of $10 million public liability, workers compensation and any other relevant insurance are required. The policies are to waive any claim by the insurer against Krisari Farmers Markets PTY LTD.